Math 4080

Spring 2016


Mobius Strip

In this class it is expected that students will do the following:

  1. Spend adequate time outside class to learn the material and to do your homework.
  2. Read all assigned sections in the text and do all other assigned material.
  3. Attempt all assigned homework problems.
  4. Do not procrastinate on the project.
  5. Know what happens in class every day.
  6. Ask and answer questions in class.
  7. If group work is required, work as a member of the team.
  8. Read all comments on corrected papers.
  9. Use pencil on all quizzes and tests.


Expectations of the instructor:

  1. Make expectations clear.
  2. Give and use a reasonable grading policy.
  3. Get exams, quizzes, project parts, and homework back in a reasonable time.
  4. Be available to help students.
  5. Allow student feedback, assessment, on the class throughout the semester.
  6. Give students direction on what material must be learned.


Jay Treiman: jay.treiman at